Expression of Interest - Calling Artists.

Artist Required to provide an Expression of Interest for Design and Installation of Monument.
The Dalfram Dispute Memorial, Port Kembla.
Final submission Date: 26th January, 2018.
Delivery: 10th October, 2018.

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On the 15th November,1938 180 men on the Port Kembla Wharf, just South of Wollongong stopped loading a shipment of iron for Japan as the raw materials were being used as bombs and ammunition in the takeover of China. They were also concerned that the iron would be used by Imperial Japan to arm themselves for an impending war and the iron would ‘come back as bullets and bombs’ against Australians. They were 11 weeks out of work at great personal cost and the dispute extended to the entire steelworks in Port Kembla which was stood down. The community of the Illawarra stood in solidarity of the striking maritime workers and people from all over Australia sent in assistance. The Chinese people sent in letters of thanks. The dispute is one of the first examples of ‘social unionism’ and is internationally recognised for its historical significance. It has been widely documented in labour history publications and most recently in the film The Dalfram Dispute 1938 – view – produced by Why Documentaries.


The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA), recipients of the Public Infrastructure Grant provided by the Department of Premier and Cabinet, wish to extend this invitation to the wider public including artists from Chinese and Australian backgrounds to submit an expression of interest to design and install a monument. A short list of successful Expressions of Interest applicants will be asked to attend an interview by a panel and provide more concrete concept designs. The project must be completed by October 2018, a short time frame.


All submissions must include a preliminary cost breakdown to the amount of no more than 100K to include all of the design, production and installation of the artwork, including all materials, earthworks, and all other associated costs. Please provide an itemised account and all materials, process, and any subcontractors to be used in the expression of interest. Artists must have an ABN to apply and must show similar examples of work. Submissions in conjunction with production/installation companies with named organisations preferred or evidence of past successful collaborations welcome.
It is intended that the The Monument will be placed at Lot 3 – Foreshore Rd Port Kembla Wharf overlooking the harbour where the ship was moored. The base is no more than 4m x 4m.


The stand taken for the cause of Peace, bridging of two cultures, the bond that was forged, the history it is steeped in and the international solidarity of the working class. Chinese saying for consideration – “Across the seas we are all brothers”.
Innovative and inclusive approaches to themes including walk through designs, designs outside of a bronze statue, designs that foster cultural bonds, and ones which include women who are part of this story and which allow for a natural landing for photos for both individuals and groups at the site are encouraged. Taking into consideration the surrounding site and heritage items will be an important understanding to convey in the expression of interest including the breakwater museum, machinery, war history – and how this can be a part of a further beautification of the area will also be considered of high importance.
Further Information There is a Slight slope to the west A concrete slab is approved and it grass underfoot. The closest building is 30 metres The monument will be under a 99 year lease. The engineering certificate for that project cited “Wind Region A” and “ Wind Terrain Category: 1.5 in West direction, 2 in other directions.

All Expressions of Interest should be addressed to:

Arthur Rorris

Dalfram Monument Project Reference Committee

By Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All enquiries regarding the EOIs and further information should be directed to:

Sandra Pires
Dalfram Dispute Monument Project Coordinator
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